If you’re a PIC devotee who loved the concept but felt constrained by the original 8-bit PIC clicker, today is your day: PIC32MX clicker is released.

PIC32MX clicker

PIC32MX clicker retains the same winning form factor of PIC clicker — a single mikroBUS™ socket along with a mikroProg connector and additional pads for connecting external electronics, a USB Mini-B port (built-in USB-HID bootloader) and a pair of pushbuttons and LEDs.

Of course it has a much more powerful microcontroller onboard: The 32-bit PIC32MX534F064H device operates at 80Mhz (or 105DMIPS), has 64KB of Flash and 16KB of Data memory.

That’s a considerable increase in terms of performance before you hit the ceiling. Plus, there’s way more click boards compared to when the original PIC clicker was released, 105 to be exact.

All that for USD 25, the same as for the STM32 M4 clicker, the other available 32-bit MCU clicker board.

More details on the product page, you can download the initial example from there too, it’s always a good place to start.

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Feb 3, note on corrections: When we published this on February 2, we made a mistake when citing the MCU specs. The numbers shown now are correct. We apologize for the unintentional error.

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