G-force, pitch, roll, yaw, and heading – with 9 DOF click.

9DOF click

It’s incredible how fast technology trickles down. Sensors offering nine degrees of freedom measurement are getting more prominent and more affordable. Here you have a combination of a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, plus a 3-axis magnetometer inside an LSM9DS1 IC from ST, in click board™ form factor, for 21 USD.

In addition to readings from individual sensors (acceleration, angular velocity and heading), the advantage of the accel/gyro/compass combination is that it gives enough data to orient an object in space in relation to its initial position. It’s called dead reckoning.

It’s what’s used in airplanes for navigation (supplementing GPS).

The same technology used to orient fighter jets executing break-neck maneuvers in the sky is equally suitable for use in designing remotes that can be wiggled around through the air in certain patterns.

But you can also build your own flight computers, which is, arguably, even more exciting.

Start from the Libstock example. More details on the product page.

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