Try buying something online and have it delivered with first class courier half across the globe. You will be paying over $40 shipping if you were lucky. Not to mention that you’ll have to wait a week (or more) until it arrives. Well, this is just annoying, isn’t it?

RFid Click released!

On the other hand, buy something for under $100 from MikroElektronika, weighing up to 0.5 kg, and pay only $9 shipping fees. DHL guy will ring your doorbell three days later, no matter where you are. Even on Antarctica, feeding fish to penguins. Now we are talking business! We have decided to cover at least two thirds of all of your shipping costs in this segment! We’re giving you the opportunity to purchase what you always wanted. Click boards, mikroProg debuggers, components, MCU cards, mikromedia boards or accessories all costing under $100, and still have them delivered anywhere in the world for under ten bucks. We will pay $16 every time you make a purchase. So grab your credit cards and start ordering now!

You are probably asking yourself – are we dumb or just naive? Let us assure you it’s neither 🙂 We have an amazing cooperation with DHL. MikroElektronika is one of the top DHL partners in our country and they kindly allowed us the best prices in the world for their top services. For three years now we have offered you $25 shipping for any order up to 5 kg. Now you pay only $9 shipping for your favorite boards costing under $100. We just want you to stop calculating shipping cost and focus on your project idea. Make the most of it. Because that’s the important thing.

Yours sincerely,

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