We’re happy to announce the release of our compilers for 8051.

8051 compilers v3.5.0 released!

It’s been three years since the last release. Yes, we know it’s a long time. But look on the bright side: the moment you update your 8051 compiler you will feel like getting into a shiny new car!

New IDE finally has the same functionality as other MikroElektronika compilers. There are over a hundred improvements since the last release. Among 35 new features you may find Welcome Screen, Live Update Support, Interrupt Assistant, Project Explorer, Package Manager Support, Libstock Link and many more. New Project Wizard has been improved. You will experience faster compilation and faster simulation of Delay functions. Library manager loads compiled libraries much faster. Under the hood we have done a few things as well. We supported 17 new devices from Sillicon Labs, added iv keyword for linking functions as interrupt handlers, enabled interrupt context saving handling and added several new functions to Conversions library.

We also wanted to provide our customers with a quick and clean new licensing method. We are introducing License Activation Cards with Activation and Registration Keys. Just scratch off the protective foil on the back of the card and reveal your personal Activation Key. Enter it in the Help->Software Activation window, and the Demo Limit will be instantly removed, allowing you to exploit the full potential of your compiler. All of you who chose Electronic License Delivery will get an E-mail with your license keys, as soon as you purchase your license.

There are numerous other improvements and fixes in every corner. You may read the full release changes at the Specifications tab of each compiler’s webpage.

Make sure to visit the mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal webpages and download this fantastic new compiler version now!

Yours sincerely,

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