You know how some people have a hard time remembering how the world looked like before YouTube, even though it’s been here for only a few years really? That’s how we feel about Libstock, our coder’s community, and we hope you share the sentiment.

libstock: Over 700 pieces of code


It’s been less than three years since its launch, and today it has 719 pieces of code including over 100 libraries, more than 300 projects and about 250 examples.

Sure, these aren’t huge numbers, but we’re not talking about clips of skating dogs and piano playing cats here. These are some awesome projects and examples written and perfected by serious coders, all available for free. Some of your favorites have been the PID library by Dany, the Wave Player for PIC16F877A project by M- R and Andrew Hazelden’s MINI Sub game.

As you probably know our own developers are actively contributing as well. To name a few, our Timer Calculator is the easiest way to calculate timer interrupts. The FT800 is the only full-featured collection of functions which exploit the full potential of FTDI’s award-winning EVE/FT800 graphics controller.

We’re really proud of the steadily growing community you’ve created and the way our products inspire you in different ways, but we try our best not to be vain about it. Libstock is not about mikroElektronika, it’s about your skills and creativity, whether you are helping others by sharing your own code or trying to solve a problem by putting out a specific request. As we say, social interaction brings a new dimension to the world of programming.

Be sure to make use of Libstock’s built-in features like the blogging platform, version control and rating systems, as well as the subscription option. We’re constantly working on improving it, to make it even more convenient for fellow coders, so be sure to pass on any suggestions or ideas you might have.

Nevertheless, code is what adds real value to the site. We’re looking forward to hitting that 1000 uploads mark, and then beyond.

So please, join Libstock if you haven’t already. To our existing members, whether you’re an active contributor or an avid user, consider this a personal thank you note.

Yours sincerely,

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