Learn something new today, then try teaching it to others to see how much you really know.


The best way to learn something is by teaching it to someone else. When you have to clearly articulate a concept or idea, you quickly discover any gaps in your own understanding that you might have not been aware of.

It can be challenging work, so if you will be writing a tutorial for fellow embedded coders, it’s best to do it with a user-friendly compiler like mikroC, mikroBasic or mikroPascal.

Check out these websites from authors who took time to write a bunch of tutorials for various projects, all with MikroElektronika compilers. Some of these are a few years old, but they’re still as relevant as the day when they were posted. They stand the test of time because the authors made an effort to bring real value to their readers:

micro-examples: More than 20 tutorials and examples on a wiki style page, with source code examples, circuit schematics, and project files for mikroC. Clearly ilustratted step by step guides with screenshots will make it easy for you to replicate and learn from.

Dany’s PIC tips, software and projects in mE’s mikroPascal
Dani’s site proves the truth of the saying “content is king”. The site has a vintage look, but it’s still maintained, for the benefit of all of us. The title says it all: Dany’s PIC tips, software and projects in mE’s mikroPascal.

One of the earliest adopters of our compilers, the author writes tutorials and shares code for mikroBasic for PIC, mikroPascal for AVR, mikroPascal for dsPIC, and mikroPascal for PIC.

Raj from Embedded-lab has been our loyal supporter for many years. He has written many tutorials for PIC MCU programming in MikroC. Each entry starts with the required background theory enabling you to gain a deeper understanding as you go through the projects and experiments yourself.

Andrew Hazelden’s Blog
Andrew Hazelden is one of the top contributors on Libstock. He also maintains his own blog where he shares his personal projects written in mikroC. Not only are they clearly illustrated, step by step guides, many of them feature an accompanying video clip narrated by Andrew in his calm and soothing voice.

electrosome.com tutorials for mikroC
More than 20 tutorials for mikroC for PIC MCUs illustrated with clear schematics and code snippets provided.

From that first LED blink program to everything that went after it, as a developer you should constantly work on improving and developing yourself. Why not start a blog or youtube channel yourself and start teaching others? You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll learn.

Not to mention the value you bring to the whole community. The network of fellow coders is what makes our compilers more than a piece of software – it’s a whole eco-system geared at making your programming life better – from the IDE, to the tech. support, and beyond to the whole community of users that popularized the compilers and made them what they are today.

These six links are just a sampling. We’re celebrating 10 years of compiler development this whole month. Stay tuned for more tutorials, book recommendations, and our Libstock faves coming up soon!

Yours sincerely,

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