A few keyboard shortcuts for mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal worth remembering.

Code Assistant

How often do you use keyboard shortcuts? Mastering them would make you way more productive. It also feels good: fingers moving fast all over the keys like your hands are performing a complex break-dance routine on their own, while all the right things are happening on the screen in quick succession.

So it’s worth it to drill them down until they become part of your muscle memory.

mikroBasic, mikroPascal and mikroC have some 70+ keyboard shortcuts. Here are a few you could start incorporating in your workflow right away, recommended by Filip from the Support team:

Ctrl + D -> Finds Declaration: Point to a specific function in your code, hit these keys, and you will be brought to where that function was declared

Ctrl + Alt + D -> Opens a new tab with the definition file for the chosen MCU, containing addresses of all SFRs and belonging bits

Shift + Ctrl + E -> Opens up the “Edit Project” window where you change the MCU you wish to use, change its oscillator frequency and build type, or alter specific configuration bits for the selected device.

Ctrl + Shift + “.“ -> Insert code comments

Ctrl + Shift + “,“ -> Delete comments

Ctrl + Space -> Brings up the Code Assistant. This is a particularly useful feature. When you can’t remember the name of a particular identifier (function, variable or constant) you just type the first few letters and you get a list of commands that begin with those letters. If you don’t remember any other shortcuts, this one alone will save you tons of time.

Try them out. If you discover that you still prefer using your mouse, that’s OK too, the IDE is designed to be easy to use either way!

If you didn’t use mikroC, mikroBasic or mikroPascal before, go download a functional demo version right now. And if you like them, use the unique opportunity to save up hundreds of dollars on compiler purchases because we’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of their development for the entire month.

Yours sincerely,

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