You’re a developer and like to have all your tools within arm’s reach whenever some awesome idea pops into your mind, but you don’t know what are the right tools to get the job done fast. We have an excellent solution for you: mikroLab the essential tools for the efficient developer.

1. Everything you need to get started in just one box

The mikroLab kits contain everything a developer needs – software and hardware that work together in harmony, and all required accessories. Just choose one or more of the fifteen mikroLab kits and seven mikroLab kits for mikromedia, and start programming as soon as you open the box.

2. Seven different toolchains to choose from

Do you like more PIC, dsPIC, PIC32 or AVR? Are you into ARM? Exploring the FTDI FT90x, or working on the classic 8051? Now, you can explore possibilities of any of the seven available architectures we offer. Say you have a lot of experience in working with PIC and want to try ARM but aren’t sure which tools to get? Get our mikroLab for STM32 kit or mikroLab for TIVA, and you’ll get the right tools to start your ARM adventure.

3. Top-notch development tools

For example, if you choose mikroLab for STM32, you will get the full-featured EasyMx PRO™ v7 for STM32 development board that, besides the onboard programmer and debugger that supports over 180 ARM® microcontrollers, it includes many on-board modules such as Ethernet, USB, CAN.
With the development board comes a lifetime license of the mikroC, or mikroBasic, or mikroPascal compiler, that offers support for more than 900 ARM MCUs and 1200 library functions, a powerful IDE, support for FreeRTOS (mikroC only), and more than 400 code examples ready to use.
With every mikroLab kit, you also get a lifetime license for Visual GLCD or Visual TFT, the visual development environment that, with the simple use of drag-and-drop, helps you to create fantastic user interfaces. You design it, and our Visual software generates the code for you.

4. Additional accessories

mikroLab comes with the perfect software-hardware combination, but also with a lot of accessories. For example, with every kit comes text and graphics LCD with touch screen, a color TFT display (selected models), sensors, protoboards, wire jumpers, and much more.

5. Save money

mikroLab will not only save your time by easing the development process with powerful development tools but will also save your money. With every mikroLab, you get the lifetime license of Visual GLCD or Visual TFT for free; this is $ 99.00 of saving!

Visit the mikroLab product page now, pick the one you like, and start developing right away.

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