Spice up your average LED blinking demo with 4×4 RGB click.

Don’t stare into the animation above for too long, it will hypnotize you like the snake from Jungle Book. 4×4 RGB click carries a matrix of 16 really bright RGB LEDs. Technically, it’s a total of 48 individual LEDs: an RGB LED consists of three LEDs (red, blue and green) in a single package. In this case, every single one also has a control chip inside.

The LEDs are so bright you should wear sunglasses when trying out our Libstock example (coming soon), even though we set the LEDs at only 20% brightness.

In all seriousness though, don’t try maxing out the brightness. It’ll heat up the board, and draw too much current (up to 0.7 Amps). In any case, avoid touching the click™ while in use.

These are simple precautions. Keep them in mind and you’ll have a great time with this 4×4 RGB click™. RGB LED matrices like these, only bigger, give the Las Vegas cityscape it’s recognizable appearance. You can use it use 4×4 RGB click to create scrolling animations and similar attention-grabbing displays. It’s a click™ board that cannot be ignored.

See the details on the product page.

Yours sincerely,

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