If you like popping bubble wrap you’ll have a great time with the densely packed 16 buttons on 4×4 Key click.

4x4 Key click

4×4 Key click carries a keypad that can register multiple inputs at the same time. In fact, you can press all 16 buttons simultaneously and all of them will be registered.

It does so because a pair of serially connected 8-bit shift registers read all the inputs. They gulp up whole bytes — the button configuration of the entire keypad — and then spit out single bits through mikroBUS™ SPI pins.

That’s how the machine (MCU) reads the buttons. To make it understandable for you, the human, we added silkscreen markings of a standard DTMF keypad. These are the ones you’re used to seeing on phone dialers, with an addition of A-D letters in the right-most column.

Those inclined will also enjoy the soothing, calming sensation of just randomly clicking these buttons. Why not?

When you’re done with that, insert the board into the mikroBUS™ socket and load up the Libstock example.

For more details, visit the product page.

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