As you may have noticed all the u-blox modules we have on our click boards™ have rather lovely girl names – like NINA on the BLE3 click, and LEA for the GPS click, SARA for the 3G SARA click. This time the module is the LARA-R2, and the click that carries it is 4G LTE click. You must admit that it’s really nice sounding group.

4G LTE click

We offer two versions of this click board, one for the European market (4G LTE-E click) and one for the North America market (4G LTE-NA click).

Both click boards™ carry a cellular module from u-blox, the LARA-R2 series of LTE Cat 1. The module offers an integrated IP stack, and data rates of up to 10.3 Mb/s for download.

For more information about the 4G LTE click board see the product page.

Other click boards™ with u-blox modules

There are five more click boards™ with u-blox modules for you to check out, so click here to see them all. GSM, GPS, GNSS or Bluetooth Low Energy, everything is covered.

GPS click carries the LEA-6S high-performance position engine. With low power consumption and the ability to track 16 satellites at once. It’s the perfect combination with 4G-LTE click, if you are building an application for asset tracking.

Let us know how you would combine these click bords to achieve the best combination.

Yours sincerely,

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