3G SARA click example

It’s Valentine’s day, so it’s only appropriate to write about the things we love, and everybody loves Hexiwear.

You’ll be glad to know, we added 3G SARA click examples for Hexiwear on GitHub. You can use this code to start an exciting project with cellular communication.

If you are running low on inspiration, and you need a new idea, you can always browse the Hexiwear GitHub page to see what else we have to offer in terms of code.

3G SARA click

3G SARA click is everything you need if you want to add 3G to your project – send and receive data at speeds up to 7.2 Mb/s, respond and react to phone calls. It carries the u-blox U201 UMTS/HSPA cellular modem, from the award-winning SARA series. Of course, you’ll need a SIM card and an SMA antenna, to start using the click.

The click also has a USB port, so you can connect the module to a PC.

For more information about 3G SARA click take a look at the product page.

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