Are you ready for the GSM apocalypse?

In many places around the world, 2G networks will be shut down by the end of the year or thereabouts.

The technology is too old and too slow. Carriers are retiring it from use to allocate the available spectrum to newer tech, 3G and upwards.

To prepare everyone for the transition, we are releasing 3G click today.

Carrying Quectel’s UG95 3G module, due to the nature of the protocol, 3G click comes in two variations. One for Europe and Australia, the other for the USA.

Apart from the fact that they operate on different frequency bands, both versions of 3G click have the same features, a full set of peripherals to add 3G communications to your design right away – an onboard SIM card slot, Audio jack, and SMA antenna connector.

To prepare you for the switch, we published a learn article about mobile network technologies, from 2G to 4G. Today there’s a new article about 3G click specifically. The complementary code is on Libstock, while the links to relevant documentation are on the wiki page.

Don’t let the shutdown catch you off guard. Stock up on 3G clicks. The European version is available immediately. The USA version is on pre-order.


Yours sincerely,

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