We partnered with Riverdi displays to bring you these high-quality and cost-efficient displays of all sorts.

HMI Displays

Turn your embedded projects into eye-candy with Riverdi TFT displays. The selection includes 5 or 7 inch multitouch capacitive screens with fancy iPad lookalike black or white bezels, and 3, 4, or 5 inch rugged resistive touchpanel solutions with metal mounting frames. There are also bright TFTs for those who don’t need touch input.

Each one is powered by an FT8xx graphics controller, making it compatible with Visual TFT out of the box.

For complete integration into our hardware ecosystem, we also released Riverdi click – a simple adapter board to bring mikroBUS™ connectivity to all of the offered displays.

Riverdi click

Prices are in the range between $38 and $122.

Browse the entire selection to see more details.

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