Are you guilty of spending your holidays typing code instead of watching reruns of holidays movies like a regular person? (Die Hard, Home Alone 2?) Come on now, be frank with us.

Libstock 2015

If you are, you are not alone in this, judging by the sudden influx of new Libstock projects — 11 new pieces of code were posted since January 1.

The majority of them are for mikroC but there’s a RTC support for STM32 program written in mikroPascal, as well as some replacement libraries for PIC18 writen for both mikroBasic and mikroPascal.

Others include a Fan speed controller and a PIC based quiz program. Visit Libstock to see the rest.

We encourage you to keep up the good work. And a warm welcome to our newest members. Remember, we’re counting on hitting 1000 Libstock entries this year.

Here’s a tip though: once you wrap-up your project and finish uploading it, consider taking 10 more minutes or so to write a blog post. Describe your project in more detail. Post some pictures of the hardware setup (just a snap or two from your phone will do).

It’s one of those 20% effort, 80% result things — people browsing Libstock are attracted to projects that are well documented, because it implies that you took equal care and attention when typing up the code itself. You’ll get more exposure for your projects this way, and potentially more useful feedback as a result.

That’s just our two cents. Libstock is yours as much as it’s ours.

Yours sincerely,

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