2013. is here, and most of us are probably returning to our work and studies, after having a short break. We in mikroElektronika have much to be happy about and we want to share some of our positive energy with you.

2012. was a success in every aspect. We have 20% more employees than previous year. We have released many development and add-on boards, including 45 clicks. Our community has grown and we have a 12% increase in number of companies and professional users. We had a 37% growth which we consider an outstanding result. Last two weeks in 2012. we had the biggest peek in sales since the company was founded.

New opportunities are opening in 2013. By mid-spring, we will move to a new office space which is 9 times bigger than our current headquarters. A beautiful building on the outskirts of the city, trees, green grass and clean, fresh air. We’re expanding our production capacities 5 times, so we will be able to meet a growing demand for our products.

New products will arrive shortly.

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