As public companies post their quarterly results these days, we updated our own company history page to report on what we’ve done in the past two years.

Company History: 20 years in the making

It’s almost Thursday (already is in Australia by the time this is posted) so it’s time for a throwback. MikroElektronika is not 20 years old but it was in 1995 when Neb, our CEO, built his first development board as an engineering student. It was for Motorola’s 68HC11 microcontrollers.

As these things go, fellow students wanted the board for their own projects. They asked how much? Neb sold a few boards and… not to linger on the details… twenty years later he runs a company with 70+ employees.

To see how all that fanned out, read the entire story on our newly updated Company History page. Two decades compressed in about a thousand words.

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