We don’t mean to rough up your feathers, but since we announced the click board design competition, the MikroElektronika team designed and released 23 click boards. How many Upverter designs have you — you personally — submitted since then?

Upverter design contest

Yeah, our engineers design click boards for a living, that’s true. But please, don’t come up with excuses, come up with ideas! You have 18 days left to submit your mikroBUS™ add-on board design.

Don’t mistake our tone. It’s just friendly jostling. The prize list alone should be sufficient to motivate you to design at least one mikroBUS™ add-on board. Just scroll down on the Upverter page to see the impressive list. It’s a treasure trove for any hardware developer. 6.5k+ in dollar’s worth (hardware, software licenses, free consulting)

If it wins the competition, we will manufacture and market it as a click board. Your design will be used by hobbyists and R&D engineers throughout the globe, on all the most popular development platforms: Arduino UNO and MEGA and their many other pin compatible cousins, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Freescale’s FreedomNETMF with Quail, kids could potentially play with it on FlowPaw… not to mention the seven different families of our own development tools.

If the unfamiliarity of Upverter is what’s stopping you, well, that’s easy to solve. Go to their getting started forum and also look through their video tutorials. Trust us, if you’re a regular reader of our site, you mastered many a tougher subject than this. Upverter is fairly simple for anyone who has done any hardware design work.

Surely there’s a way to find the time between now and September 18 to finish a few designs. Fit it in your schedule. Approach it seriously. Go over the guidelines and recommendations once more, and start designing. We’re eager to see what you came up with.

Yours sincerely,

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