Roll out the red carpet. Today we’re honoring Libstock members who we felt contributed the most to our community over the years. Read on to learn who they are so you could discover the high quality projects, libraries and examples they’ve done.


As part of our 10th anniversary of compiler development celebration, we’re honoring the members of our community who made a major contribution in enriching and improving the entire eco-system that made mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal such great tools.

Because it’s not just about the command line and the IDE. All the libraries, examples, additional tools, and community support is what makes our compilers what they are.

And it takes incredible drive and dedication to develop some of the professional quality code these people contributed. Moreover, they took the time to thoroughly document their work, and then maintain it and improve it based on community feedback.

Not just a single project, but a multitude of libraries and examples.

Furthermore, they’ve been also selected for their active participation in the community and all the help and support they provided to other members.

They did all this for your benefit. All the while having their own day job and private commitments. Not expecting anything in return.

The least we could do is to give them due recognition. These people are A-List celebrities in our world. Get to know them. Get to know their work. You’ll find there’s much you could apply and learn from.


*Drum roll*

Without further ado, the 10th anniversary of compiler development Libstock award winners are:

1) Dany
2) Alcides Ramos
4)Andrew Hazelden
5) Richard Lowe
6) Roman Black
7) Simon Platten
8) Serge Tremblay
9) Roman Toropov
10) Vladimir Savic

As a small token of our appreciation, the laureates will receive discount vouchers for our online store, ranging from 50 to 10 percent off.

Don’t forget: During May we’re celebrating 10 years of compiler development. Save up to $100 on license purchases. If you’re lucky you can even win a full license in our sweepstakes.

Yours sincerely,

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