Ever since the software team started coming back from their holidays, with a tan and even more enthusiasm than before, we’ve been thinking how to show off their skills. Since they are very meticulous and detailed oriented, we decided to go with a list.

1. The price to quality ratio

Every successful individual knows that efficiency and quality are priceless. What you may not know is that with our compilers you will get both for an excellent price.

2. Lifetime support

Do you have some questions about the compiler? Do you need assistance? You can contact our Support team at any time.

We offer lifetime product support. Visit the help desk and submit a ticket.

3. Integrated Visual TFT

Almost all our compilers are now integrated with Visual TFT, so you’ll be able to code and design in one environment. Open a new project, start designing a GUI, add buttons, fonts, and styles, and don’t worry about the code, the compiler will generate it in the background.

Just press F12 on your keyboard and you’ll switch from compiler mode to Visual TFT mode. Simple and easy.

4. FreeRTOS in mikroC PRO for ARM and mikroC PRO for PIC32

With the recent updates of the ARM and PIC32 compilers this summer, the mikroC PRO for ARM and mikroC PRO for PIC32 compilers have integrated FreeRTOS software.

Do more in less time.

5. Libraries

Do you want to see some LED blinking? We have the code ready. To establish a USB connection? We got you covered. A thousand of different functions are all waiting for you. No need to write code from scratch.

6. Easy to use IDE

Just like with all our other products, we like to make things simple for you. Anything that saves your time is something we’re proud of. The same goes for the compiler IDE. It’s incredibly easy to use.

7. Multiple licensing options

As you already know, we have two regular licensing options: License Code, and the USB Dongle License. In addition to these two, there is the Site License option, that is suitable for teams, offices, and schools. Choose the License Code if you’re looking for the fastest option of the three.

The USB Dongle offers the option of mobility. You can use it on any computer, as long as you plug the dongle in.

8. Hardware debugging

A fast debugger and in-circuit programmer – we have one for each architecture. For example, the mikroProg for PIC, dsPIC, and PIC32 supports over a thousand MCUs. All the mikroProg devices are compatible with our compilers.

9. The Help file

Our extensive documentation will guide you through every step. You can find the Help file at the end of the main menu in the compiler. One click and a whole book of information is at your disposal. Browse the chapters and find the one that addresses your problem.

10. It’s part of an amazing toolbox

The mikroLab development kit is what you need to start compiling, programming and debugging right out of the box. If you visit the shop, you’ll see that we have one for each of the compilers, along with the right 7th generation development boards, Visual TFT license and more.

For more information about the compilers, visit our shop, pick the one that you need and read on.

If you are interested in purchasing our compilers, we have a special offer. In the next ten days, you can get our compilers with 15% off! Just type NEWS-15% into the voucher field in your online shop cart.

The offer lasts from Friday, September 15, 17:00 CET, until Monday, September 25, 17:00 CET.

Yours sincerely,

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