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With a January this cold, and snow all around, everyone is thinking how to keep warm and dry. Every house and office has its thermostat set on at least 22┬░C. Suddenly we are all thankful that such a device exists.

Thermostat click

Thermostat click combines a thermometer and a relay into one device. If you are thinking of starting a project with both these components, you should save you time and effort and just get Thermostat click.

It carries the MAX7502 IC digital temperature sensor, that also provides an overtemperature alarm/interrupt/shutdown output, and an SN74LVC1G126 single bus buffer from Texas Instruments.

Thermostats through time

Chickens were the reason for the invention of the first thermostat. A Dutch innovator Cornelis Drebbel constructed the first thermostat, around 1620. He needed to measure and keep a steady temperature for his chicken incubator.

Drebbel was one of the greatest minds of his time; he also invented the first microscope, built the first navigable submarine, moving statues for the London theater and a Perpetuum Mobile (or at least that is what he claimed).

A bi-metallic thermostat was invented in the beginning of the 19th century, and the first industrial thermostat was made in the last years of the same century. Again, for a chicken incubator. Who knew that chickens could be so inspirational?

For more information about Thermostat click check out our product page. Or take a look at our temperature click range in case you need something different.

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