A twist of fate in a product’s life — a bunch of MINI boards and click boards started off from the same warehouse in our HQ, but events conspired to turn them against each other. The duel happened at the Serbian National Eurobot competition.


Eurobot is a prestigious international competition that attracts amateur robot designers from all around the globe. Before reaching the international stage, the robots have to win the National event.

This year two teams had robots with MikroElektronika parts, with software developed in our compilers.

The bigger one pictured above, from the WE-SHARE robotics team (students from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies) is equipped with two MINI-M4 STM32 boards. It has ultrasonic sensors to help it navigate the obstacle course on the competition.

Its smaller side-kick is also eqipped with MINI-M4 for STM32. The MINI board controls the complete mechanical drive system.

The arch-nemesis of this tandem (not really, but for the sake of this story) is the robot (also with a smaller sidekick) from the APE Robotics team, whom we wrote about after last year’s Eurobot.

APE Robotics robot

The two teams were next to each other in the final standings, with WE-SHARE winning sixth place, and APE Robotics seventh.

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