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January 20th 2014

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Presenting the new MikroElektronika Headquarters

by Aleksandar Nikolić | January 20, 2014

In the late December 2013. we moved to a 3000 square meter office space. A new era for MikroElektronika starts right now.


Two years ago, when our CEO announced that we acquired a location for the new headquarters, we knew that a lot of work had to be done before we move in. We worked as hard as we can, confident that this energy and dedication to create the extra funding for the construction works, will bring us a bright future. It took two years and incredible managing skills to get it done just the way we imagined. Our CEO was involved in every single detail when it comes to choice of materials, certifications, design, room organization, colors, furniture, air conditioning, parking lot, restaurant, and hundreds of other aspects. We demanded only the best, and getting it wasn't a matter of money. It was all about communication skills and countless hours of hard thinking about every single detail, over and over again.


The result is a modern building, situated in a beautiful business complex 13 km from the Belgrade city center, surrounded by pine trees and green grass. It's 10 minutes away from airport and a few hundred meters from the highway. It features 60 parking spaces for employees and guests and a large terrace which will be our place to chill out during sunny summer days. We're proud of what we built and eager to show you around.


The moment you step inside you will experience a pleasant splash of bright light coming from almost a 1000 square meters of glass windows. It's mostly natural light boosted by special high-intensity LEDs.


Plants go great with the green color of PCB. We have two full-grown olive trees inside as well.


Our day starts with a cup of espresso from our restaurant. A week from now we're introducing a healthy lunch for every employee. We already have orange juice and muesli for breakfast as well as beer after work hours.


We have two large warehouses, and new Siemens production line. It is going to be in full operation by the end of February and will triple our production capacity. We want to cut down lead time in half and introduce same day shipping by the end of the year. This means that if you buy something before noon, we'll ship your package at 2:00PM CET.


We have dedicated a special room for holding lectures and hosting seminars. It will become a classroom and a place for intensive workshops on microcontrollers.


Software, Hardware, Marketing, Sales, IT, Support, Packaging, Distribution, Production, Maintenance and Project department all have separate offices. They are at least double the size we had before moving to a new building.


We're also introducing new organization with two new key roles in the company - Chief Operating Officer and Chief Process Officer, reporting directly to CEO. This will pave a path to a more efficient every day operations, as well as quality management, traceability and scalability.


This new headquarters will be the cradle of the products that will make us proud. We're so happy, inspired, energetic, and dedicated to bring you the most innovative tools for microcontrollers. Our service will be even better and more efficient, as we now have the high-end infrastructure. We're settling only for the very best. Thank you for being with us. If you're ever near by, don't hesitate to pay a visit. We'll be happy to give you a tour.

Yours sincerely,

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