This is where magic happens.

We’re located 13 kilometers from the city center, in a beautiful industrial complex surrounded by green grass and pine tries. In the most inspiring location, like a jewel, lies our building: brand new, modern and bright. This is the birthplace of our ideas and a place where we design and make all of our products. Hop in, we’ll give you a tour.

MikroElektronika Headquarters Building Outside

Bright. Clean. Green.

We love light. That’s why we have a lot of it in our offices. Throughout the day we are enjoying a natural sunlight, coming through 1000 square meters of glass windows. Plants and olive trees bring healthy freshness of nature closer to us. Hotel-like air conditioning keeps the temperature and humidity at just the right levels. Energy efficiency is at a highest level.

Fun spawns creativity.

Laughter is the spice of life. Doing business is always better when combined with humor. After workhours we play football, table tennis, video games, drink beer, exercise, or simply hang out together. This makes our creative juices flowing. Some of the most interesting products are invented this way.

MikroElektronika Team Building on Tara Gorge