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version 4.6.1

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FT811 library

FT810/811 library adds support
for video playback and
portrait screen orientation.

FT81x library


New EasyFT90x
development system
supported from this release.

New EasyFT90x

New License
Activation Cards

Quick and elegant solution for
unlocking the Demo limit and
registering your license.

New License Activation Cards

What is Visual TFT?

Visual TFT is a standalone application used for rapid development of graphical user interfaces for TFT displays. Software generates code compatible with mikroElektronika compilers: mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal, for all suported MCU architectures: PIC, dsPIC30/33, PIC24, PIC32, AVR,ARM and FT90x. Software implements intuitive environment and many drag-and-drop components which can be used for building applications easily and fast.

Download Now!

We want you to download and try out the software - FOR FREE! Even with demo limit software allows you to freely design your GUI with as many components as you want, but code generation is limited to maximum of seven components.

Why choose Visual TFT?

Do projects in less time

Drag-n-drop development ensures that you spend less time programming, allowing you to focus on functionality and design

Powerful Touch Input

Introducing Touch Panel input with Graphical GUI in your device, will open a whole new potential for user’s interactive participation

Beginners are experts

We combined programming and design worlds in the best possible way. Even total beginners will be able to create amazing GUIs

VisualTFT Window

OneTime™ payment

Free Upgrades

Free upgrades

Software is constantly improved and new funcionalities are added with each new release. Owners of compiler licenses are entitled to free upgrades, which take just a minute of your time.

Free Support

Free Support

Visual TFT license guarantees you free product lifetime technical support, so you can rely on our help when developing.

Best Price

Best price/performance

With Visual TFT you get full-featured and powerful GUI development tool, and in the same time very intuitive and easy-to-use. No other software offers so much at such a price.

Icon Hardware

Natively suppored target hardware

All multimedia boards supported

Visual TFT supports all multimedia boards from mikroElektronika, so you’ll have hardware you need to get started. Each board has a hardware pattern, a configuration template with hardware connections for TFT and TouchPanel, and you can do all necessary settings with a single click!

Support for FT80x & FT81x/EVE controller from FTDI Chip

FT801/EVE controller

MikroElektronika and FTDI have a long history of collaboration. We were the first to bring support for FT80x graphic controllers. Now, we're bringing you support for FT810 and FT811, new generation of graphic touch controllers with the Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology. The new graphics controller builds on the success of the last generation, and introduces increased pixel resolution, increased speed and larger memory capacity.

15 new EVE components

15 EVE components

VisualTFT was the first software in the world to provide full support for many of EVE's powerful features like sound, transparency and anti-aliasing. With version 4.5.0, we've added three new GUI components to let you make use of the natively supported capabilities of FT8x controllers. Namely: sketch, spinner and screensaver.

EVE's object oriented approach eliminates the traditional frame buffer memory as it renders an image on a line by line basis to 1/16th pixel resolution.

VisualTFT code generated for FT8xx controllers rely on libraries which have to be installed before project building. Also, make sure to update your compiler to the latest version.

FT800 LibraryFT810/811 LibraryFT812/813 Library

Supported controllers and display sizes

Visual TFT supports total of 17 TFT controllers and 5 different display sizes. Visit the Specification tab for more information.

You will love Visual TFT!

We in mikroElektronika always look to turn hard work into a fun experience. How? By making the hard work automatized, and leaving the room for fun. When we were in the process of writting TFT libraries, we figured that it was taking too much time to build good graphical applications, and that most of the process is not so flexible and intuitive. So we began to work on a project to build a rapid development application in form of graphical vector editor where anyone can easily create complex and fully functional TFT GUIs with just a few clicks. We now present you with the Visual TFT - the first software of this kind, where you can enjoy designing TFT applications without worrying about the code.

Single Click

Hardware templates make settings easy

SingleClick™ settings

Hardware Patterns

Nobody likes complicated settings and options at the begining of each project. With new hardware templates, single click on a dropdown list item does all the work for you. Everything will be automatically set.

Compilers Supported

Lots of integrated and additional tools supported

Works with all mikroE compilers

Three major compiler groups are currently supported: mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal for PIC, dsPIC, PIC32, AVR, ARM and FT90x. This means that no matter what compiler you will write your project in, source code generated by Visual TFT Tool will be integrated smoothly.

Don’t make me think

Don’t make me think

Intuitive interface

Intuitive interface

Interface is really easy to use, and implements standard intuitive behavior, so you will feel like using any other vector graphic editors. But we have mixed functionalities from both worlds: world of design and world of programming. There are several pallettes of most useful components that you can use in your application. Just drag a component onto a pixel grid display screen and it will be drawn instantly. Use Object Inspector to edit component properties and to assign desired events.

External resources

Store fonts and images on MMC/SD card

External resources

Holding MMC

Do you need more space for your images and fonts? Do you want to create image slideshows, or to even play a video from MMC/SD Card? With new Resource file feature, Visual TFT software brings you all this and much more. If this option is selected, after code generation, Visual TFT will store all of your images and fonts in the resource file and will optimize them as much as possible for faster utilization. You just have to copy that file onto your MMC/SD card and you are ready to go.

License Activation Card icon

License Activation Card Option

Get your own license card

License Activation Card

If you choose to purchase the software with License Activation Card option you will receive a Visual TFT box with a License Activation Card. It features product Activation and Registration keys on the back, hidden behind the scratch-off foil.

Electronic License Delivery icon

Electronic License Delivery Option

Get activation keys in the E-mail

Electronic License Delivery Option

If you choose Electronic License Delivery option we will instantly send Activation and Registration keys to your E-mail. Just paste them in the Software Activation window and your Visual TFT will be fully functional in seconds. - Secure Online Payments

Secure online payments provided by, Inc. All credit card and personal details are kept secure, and our customer list is not disclosed to any third party.

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DHL Express Delivery

DHL Express: $25.00 USD for up to 5 Kg, usually arrives in 2-4 business days.

Post Office Delivery

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