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 MikroElektronika - Start USB for PIC - Small development board with Microchip PIC18F2550

PIC Board
Comes with bootloader

This board can become anything: your USB communication board,
your home-made USB flash stick, USB datalogger, or even USB MP3 player. Just place your additional components on the protyping areas, and it easily becomes a complete device.

What is Start USB for PIC?

Start USB for PIC Board is a small development board featuring Microchip® PIC18F2550 device with fast USB 2.0 support. It features connection pads for all MCU pins, as well as two prototyping areas for placing additional devices.

Comes with Bootloader

Board comes preprogrammed with fast USB HID bootloader which eliminates the need for external programmers.

Programming and debugging

It also features PICFlash2 connector for in-circuit programming and debugging.

Prototyping Areas and Expandability

USB device

Because of the small footprint and a great connectivity potential of the board, Start USB for PIC board can add USB communication ability to your prototype device.

Prototyping Area 01

You can use two convenient prototyping expansion areas to place your components.

Prototyping Area 02

Key Features

  • It can be used as a final product, as a standalone device
  • Board features PIC18F2550 device with USB 2.0 support
  • RA1 and RB1 LEDs can be used as indicators of activity
  • On-board miniUSB connector, oscillator and reset circut, as well as power indicator LED provide all you need for quick start
  • All MCU pins are availabe through connection pads

Key Benefits

  • Affordable price
  • Board can become plug-n-play HID USB device with no drivers required
  • USB bootloader eliminates the need for external programmers
  • Best supported with mikroElektronika PIC compilers
  • Two additional prototyping areas can be used to place additional components making the board a fully functional final device

How do I use the bootloader?

Download bootloader firmware

1. Connect with MCU

Reset the board and and click on ‘Connect With MCU’ within 5s timeframe to force the chip into bootloader mode.

2. Load your HEX

Click on ’Browse for HEX’ button and find the desired HEX file you want to program your StartUSB for PIC board with.

3. Start bootloading

Click on ‘Begin Uploading’ button to start the process. After uploading is completed, reset the chip to start your new program.

Bootloader Software

More detailed steps are described in How To Use Booloader manual.


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StartUSB for PIC

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