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with bootloader

This board is simple
enough that it can be
anything you desire.
It can be the brains of your
machine or the heart of your
robot. It is a compact solution with
all the basic elements you need to get going.

  • PIC-Ready1 Board

    PIC-Ready1 Board is a small board that supports 28- and 40- pin 5V PIC MCUs

  • FT232R on-board

    A USB to serial UART interface FT232R is available on-board and can be easily connected to a PC.

  • Bootloader Available

    Board comes preprogrammed with bootloader, so you will be able to program the chip without the programmer.

  • Prototyping area

    On-board prototyping area allows you to easily place your components on the board itself, and create a fully functional device.

  • Power Supply

    The board can be powered with the 7-23V AC or 9-32V DC power supply via a screw terminal.

What is PIC-Ready1?

PIC-Ready1 Board is the best solution for fast and simple development of microcontroller applications using 28- and 40-pin PIC MCUs. It comes with PIC16F887 connected to 11.592MHz crystal oscillator.

Programming and debugging

It includes connectors for PICFlash with mikroICD In-System Stand-Alone Programmer.

Power supply

A voltage regulator is available on-board, so that no additional regulation is needed.


All microcontroller pins are available through five IDC10 connectors. They enable you to easily attach many peripheral modules so you can quickly assemble a functional working environment.

Why is this board great for me?

Comes with FREE MCU

We have decided to ship the board with PIC, at the same price of the board as before. From now on this board is ready to rock right out of the box.

Great Compiler Support

mikroElektronika PIC compilers will give you a head start when you develop your project. Many available libraries and examples promise fast code development.

Comes with Bootloader

You won’t have to spend a dollar more on external programmers, because chip with bootloader can program itself with your new program. Very handy, isn’t it?

Where can I find the bootloader?

Download free bootloader firmware for your PIC-Ready1 Board and mikroBootloader application for uploading your project’s HEX code via PIC-Ready1 Bootloader.

What's on PIC-Ready1

PIC16F887 device

Board features PIC16F887 MCU with 14K of program memory and 368 bytes of RAM, AD converters, etc.

Power Supply

Power supply 7-23V AC or 9-32V DC is provided via a screw terminal.

FTDI - USB to UART interface

The USB UART module features FT232RL - an interface between a USB device and the microcontroller.

11.592MHz oscillator

The MCU is connected to 11.592MHz oscillator which provides clock ideal for RS232 communication.

IDC10 connectors

Via IDC10 connectors you can easily attach additional boards and create a complex device with no soldering at all.

Reset Circuit

Reset circuit is connected to the MCLR Pin of the MCU.

Connectors for in-circuit debugging and programming

Connectors for in-circuit debugging and programming with PICFlash with mikroICD.

Prototype Area

Prototype Area enables users to add various electronic components. VCC and GND lines are also provided.

Marked Pins

All MCU pins are marked on the board. These marks describe connections, modes, and other useful notes.


How do I use bootloader?

1. Connect with MCU

Reset the board and and click on ‘Connect With MCU’ within 5s timeframe to force the chip into bootloader mode.

Connect with MCU

2. Load your HEX

Click on ’Browse for HEX’ button and find the desired HEX file which will be used for programming microcontroller on your PIC-Ready1 board.

Load your HEX

3. Start bootloading

Click on ‘Begin Uploading’ button to start the process. After uploading is completed, reset the chip to start your new program.

Start Bootloading

More detailed steps are described in How To Use PIC-Ready1 Booloader manual.

What compiler do I need for this board?

PIC-Ready1 board is completely supported by all MikroElektronika PIC compilers. Having smart code optimization, you can rely on rich set of libraries and comprehensive Help file to get started in no time.

PIC compilers

Where can I download example packages?

We present you with set of examples that demonstrate basic possibilities of the board and will give you a few ideas what can you do using many provided compiler libraries.

PIC-Ready1 Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I power the board from USB?

No. USB connector can only be used for communication. Board is designed to use on-board power regulator for stable and reliable power supply.

Do I have to use bootloader?

No, you don’t. Bootloader is delivered with the chip so that people without external programmer can still upload their code and have no further expenses.

I have trouble working with board

If you cannot find enough information in the documentation, you have a suggestion or you want to report a malfunction, feel free to contact our Technical Support Team.


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