mikroBUS Shield for mikromedia

mikroBUS Shield for mikromedia

mikroBUS shield is an extension board pin-compatible with all mikromedia boards, that features two mikroBUS host sockets which allow you to connect dozens of Click boards. With this feature, you can provide desired additional functionality to your mikromedia board. Prototyping breadboard area is also available for placing additional components and expanding the base functionality with custom features. Board comes with two 1x26 pin female sockets, as well as four 1x8 female sockets for mikroBUS host connectors.

Technical Specifications


Shield provides the most convenient way for connecting Click additional boards with your mikromedia.

Key features

  • Two mikroBUS host sockets compatible with Click boards.
  • Breadboard area can be used for placing additional components.
  • Standard 2.54mm distance between connection pads in the breadboard area.
  • Board is clearly marked which simplifies connections.
mikroBUS Supported

mikroBUS™ is specially designed pinout standard with SPI, I2C, Analog, UART, Interrupt, PWM, Reset and Power supply pins. See Standard Specification.

Key Benefits

  • Compatible with all mikromedia boards.
  • Simple integration using provided male and female 1x26 connectors
  • Cost-effective solution for adding Click boards to your mikromedia.


Additional accessories that might come in handy while you develop your prototype or final devices with mikromedia connect shield.

1x26 Male Pin Header
Male Pin Header 1x26pin

Get additional 1x26 male pin headers for your mikromedia board. Whether you want to connect it to your prototype board, or you simply need a spear pin header with male connectors.


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1x26 Female Header Socket
Female Socket 1x26pin

Additional female 1x26 socket, in case you need it. Mikromedia board comes with two male 1x26 pin headers, so you might want to get female connectors, in case you come up with some project idea.


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1x26 Stacking Header
Stacking Header 1x26pin

These are great! Additional stacking headers might come in handy because they are convenient when you want to stack multiple shields together with your mikromedia board in various ways.


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mikroBUS Shield for mikromedia

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