SpeakUp - Speech recognition click board for
recognizing over 200 different voice commands

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The SpeakUp is a speech recognition click™ board. You can
set it up to recognize over 200 different voice commands
and have the on-board MCU carry them out instantly.

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Easy to configure

Easy to

Over 200 commands

Over 200

Ultra fast operation

Ultra fast

Standalone mode


Simple & Straightforward

SpeakUp learns from scratch, so you can make it understand your commands spoken in any language, dialect or slang.

SpeakUP Board Software

It listens
and learns...

Using a simple interface on your computer, you record a word or phrase (up to 5 seconds) and assign it an instruction. Repeat for as many commands as you need.

SpeakUp Configuration Software v1.00

and obeys

When you put it to work, it listens to what you're saying, matches the sound to one of the pre-recorded commands, and triggers the specified action which the on-board MCU executes.

SpeakUp Click User Manual [2.17MB]

Ins & Outs

What gives the SpeakUp its speech recognition capabilities is the firmware we developed for the on-board MCU. It's based on the DTW algorithm, which makes it decisive, it turns your talk into action almost instantly.

Inputs and Outputs


Sound is received through an on-board microphone. There’s also a 3.5mm jack for
connecting an external microphone.

Between the mic and the MCU sits a VS1053 IC with a
built in stereo-audio codec to process the raw signal.


After the processed sound has been forwarded to the STM32F415RG MCU that interprets the
voice command, there are two output options which can be utilized at the same time or separately:

STANDALONE MODE: On-board MCU directly controls external devices using 12 user programmable GPIOs.

SpeakUP Standalone Pins
SpeakUP MikroBUS Pins

CLICK™ MODE: Sends index of the matched voice command to a selectable interface: USB or UART.

Software Makes It Easy

Recording commands and assigning actions is dead simple thanks to the free software tool for programming the SpeakUp. First, connect the SpeakUp to your computer using a USB cable. It will show up as a HID device, so no special drivers are required. Just launch the app and start tinkering.

Create a project

1. Create a project

Start by creating a new project. It will hold all of your settings and configuration.

Add a command

2. Add a command

Commands are listed as tabs. Add a new one using the plus button in the upper left corner.

Record it

3. Record it

Record your voice command and give it a name. You can play it back to make sure it’s OK.

Assign Actions

4. Assign Actions

Choose the appropriate action for a specific I/O pin from the dropdown list.

Upload it

5. Upload it

When you’re done, upload all actions and settings through USB cable.


6. Configuration

Optionally you can fine-tune your SpeakUp to perform better in environment it will be used in.

Final Window

General Settings

Noise Level: Adjust the sensitivity of the microphone to calibrate it for the noise level of the environment it will be used in.

Acceptance threshold: Define how closely your delivery has to match your pre-recorded commands with different levels of adjustment.

Word length: Set up the default length of your voice commands in a way that will use the SpeakUp's memory most efficiently.

Set Pin Aliases

For the sake of convenience, once you connect the pins you can rename them to clarify their function. From IO1 to "lights", from IO2 to "window blinds" for instance. It helps avoiding any possible confusion down the road when you connect more than a few.

Turn Talk To Action

Wouldn't you rather issue verbal commands and have your machines comply, instead of pressing keys, pushing buttons and flipping switches all the time? There's a wide range of applications for the SpeakUp.

Icon Bulb

Command your lights, doors and home appliances.

Icon TV

Create voice commanded remotes for TVs or media centers.

Icon Interface

Reduce complexity and cost of control interfaces.

Icon Command

When you do something with both hands and voice command is the only option.


Examples comming soon!

Tech Specs

Along with its key components, the tiny click board packs other useful bits like two buttons for recording or deleting voice commands manually, three signal LEDs give recognition feedback and indicate power.

Tech specs


  • - Sensitivity: -44 ± 3dB
  • - Frequency rage: 100Hz to 20.000Hz
  • - Signal to noise ratio: 56dBA


  • - STM32F415RG (ARM Cortex-M4)
  • - 1024kB Flash, 192kB RAM
  • - 168MHz operation
Audio Codec

Audio codec

  • - VS1053 stereo audio codec
  • - Streaming support
  • - Line out pads


  • - 12 programmable GPIOs
  • - mikroBUS connector
  • - USB MINI-B connector

What You Get

Icon Package

Package dimensions:
L 70mm, W 60mm, H 30mm

Icon Weight

Package weight:


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