EasyGSM/GPRS GM862 board is a breakout board for quad-band Telit GM862-QUAD GSM/GPRS module as well as for Telit GM862-GPS version. It features module connector, antenna holder for both GSM and GPS antennas, power LED and connection pads for each module pin. Board also includes mounting holes for easier integration. It is compact in size and rich in silkscreen markings.

Technical Specifications


Board is ideal for adding GSM/GPRS functionality to your device. If used with Telit GM862-GPS, it brings GPS feature as well.

Key features

  • Compatible with Telit GM862 module which supports four bands: GSM 850MHz, 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz and PCS1900 MHz.
  • SIM card holder and power LED on-board.
  • Connection pads compatible with standard breadboards.

Operating Voltage

Board is designed to use 3.3V power supply only. Make sure to use voltage translators on communication lines when connecting it to 5V systems.

Key Benefits

  • Easiest way to add Telit GM862 module to your prototype or final product.
  • Mounting holes allow easy integration in existing designs.
  • Supported in all mikroElektronika compilers.
  • Ready-to-use examples save development time.


GSM Antenna SMA straight  male (Cable length: 2m)

GSM Antenna SMA straight
male (Cable length: 2m)

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Active GPS antenna

Active GPS antenna

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GSM antenna SMA right angle BGSM

GSM antenna SMA right
angle BGSM

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