The MikroElektronika team arrived to Rome, two days ahead of Maker Faire. To mark the good vibrations we’re feeling here at the beach at the outskirts of Rome, we’re releasing Vibra sense click.

You can think of Vibra sense click as of a primitive accelerometer. If you don’t need precise coordinates of movement, just feedback on whether something is vibrating or not, this sensor is your best bet.

The black cylinder with golden edges that sits on top of the board is the sensing unit. Inside it, a spring is coiled around a pin. You can hear it rattle when you shake the click near your ear.

If the vibration the click is exposed to is sufficient, say when you’re going through a rough patch of cloud in an airplane, the spring inside the sensor makes contact with the pin to close the switch, which results in a digital output sent through the mikroBUS™ INT pin, and that’s the moment your MCU can feel the vibes.

The onboard potentiometer lets you set the sensitivity.

Some vibrations are bad some are good. Here’s a snap of our beach boys to send some good ones your way.

And here’s a demo of how Vibra Sense click works.


More details on the product page. The Libstock example is also ready.

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