Looking for an easy Ethernet solution with small power consumption? Well, this weekend we are offering something great, just for you! Buy your favorite mikroC PRO for PIC compiler for $249 USD and get the LV18F v6 Development board FOR FREE!

LV18F v6 Board is a real masterpiece. It supports 3.3V PIC18FJ MCUs from Microchip, and has variety of useful modules: Ethernet, USB, Serial RAM, Serial EEPROM, In-Circuit Debugger and Programmer, LCD, GLCD with Touch panel – you name it! The best of all is that it comes with PIC18F87J60 Ethernet-ready chip, so you can start creating your Ethernet devices with no additional expenses.

mikroC PRO for PIC is really a great compiler, with lots of power, comfort, and stability, offering over 500 library functions and ready-to-use examples, so you’ll get your kicks in no time! Bring your programming experience to a whole new level, starting this weekend!

Yours sincerely,


Special Weekend Offer
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