Some of you asked if you can buy PIC32 compilers, even before the official release. We do understand such requests, but this is somewhat unorthodox. Beta is not an official release, and we feel uncomfortable selling people the product which is not yet 100% ready to be on the market. However, we do appreciate your confidence in mikroElektronika, and we thank you for your trust. So, on your demand, we are allowing you to purchase PIC32 compilers, but only through links on our PIC32 community website.

IMPORTANT: Anyone who has already purchased some of our PIC32 development boards (LV32-MX, LV32-MX v6, MMB for PIC32MX4, MMB for PIC32MX7, mikroMMB for PIC32) can purchase the compiler at a discount price, using discount price buy link. Others can purchase the compiler at a regular price.

All of you who purchase the license will be able to provide much more information on possible bugs in the libraries, and we invite you to actively contribute in the beta period, so the whole community can benefit of your reports.

Once again, thank you for your trust.

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