Shortly after the official release of PIC32 compilers, new version of Visual TFT software is released.

Many new features are introduced. Mainly support for PIC32 compilers and PIC32 multimedia boards. Logic of the layout is now improved, so you can now switch between Design and Code view using F12 shortcut. Code editor is now more clear, and easier to use, and includes line numbering. Visual TFT also creates a comment section in the source header, so you can provide more information with your projects. Selection of multiple objects now displays the common properties in the Object inspector. Generated code is more optimized, and many reported bugs have been fixed. It’s one quite stable release!

We invite you to visit the Visual TFT webpage, read more about it in the Release Highlights secion, and download the new version and enjoy! PIC32 community is now with us, joining the Visual TFT users, so we can together continue to improve the tools we love.

New Visual TFT software v1.30 released!
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