Overview exhibition, Overview Exhibition was at the new Rome Exhibition center. This year’s MFR was 3D printing in food pasta from Barilla. click boards everywhere at Microchip’s booth, now that they have adopted mikroBUS™ for their development boards. You can see all their mikroBUS™ boards listed in this learn article. Including Curiosity. Atmel and Microchip together for first time. Zerynth booth showcasing some new demos with Flip & click and click boards, all powered by Python. Google science lab, a lot of crap built by kids. Hexiwear at Mouser’s booth, giving away Hexiwear for free for people who subscribed to their newsletter. Thank you blabla Captain America shield from the Myth Busters guy Digi-key is proud to announce Maker.io, a new platform for makers. 3D printed tooth brush –

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