Hall current click is a high precision current sensor. It can measure current levels from -50 to +50 amps, while keeping your target MCU and the surrounding circuitry safe.


Hall current click comprises a TLI4970-D050T4 miniature magnetic digital current sensor that utilizes the Hall effect for contact-free current measurement, and two EXtreme ZPower connectors to connect a conducting wire.

To use Hall current click, split your conducting wire and connect the ends to the two the EXTreme ZPower connectors (IP- and IP+).

The current rail is galvanically isolated from the TLI4970-D050T4 sensor. The sensor detects the strength of the current, then sends the measurement data to the target MCU through mikroBUS™ SPI (SDO, SCK and CS) lines.

Utilizing the Hall effect enables contact-free measurement which means that there is no additional power loss. Because of this, Hall current click is best suited for systems with high efficiency.

Be advised: Hall current click can be used with dangerous voltage levels. DO NOT TOUCH THE BOARD WHILE THE EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY IS ON! With this in mind proceed to the page containing specs, details and Libstock examples.

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