Box of wonders – start designing user interfaces right away

You are sitting home, wondering what you need to buy to start making your own user interfaces. You compile one list. An hour later you realize that...

The (Flip&Click) French Connection

Alexandre (Lextronic’s CEO), our long-time partner and friend, fell in love with the Flip&Click since being introduced to it last year. He immediately recognised this being the solution to the plaguing Arduino shield limitation. He was one of the first to get their hands-on a prototype and started coding immediately.

Earlier this summer he decided to put this experience on paper by creating a step-by-step guide to using Flip&Click and click boards in the Arduino ecosystem. Our marketing team cooperated on the kit and packaging, the result is the new Flip&Click Starter Kit.

LumenRadio’s Better World kit – explore the potential of Mira with click boards

Another third party adoption of mikroBUS™ and click boards.

Conrad launches educational IoT kit with FlowPaw and click boards

At first, all classrooms had blackboards, then some of them introduced whiteboards, and now, in Germany they'll introduce click boards — with Conrad's "Internet der Dinge" (IoT) educational kit.

mikroBUS™ adapter for PSoC® dev kits

Pattern Agents, a third party developer, sells a CPM mikroBUS adaptor that lets you connect two click boards to PSoC® development kits.

WunderBar IoT starter kit will be manufactured on our new machines

MikroElektronika will manufacture WunderBar, the crowfunded Internet of Things starter kit for app developers that generated a lot of buzz this year. Full story after the break.

Celebrating mikromedia’s 3rd birthday – 15% DISCOUNT on all mikromedia boards and kits!

For the 3rd birthday of our mikromedia brand we give you 15% discount on all mikromedia boards and kits.