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80-pin BIGPIC5 MCU Cards

We would like to provide our customers with extra MCUs for development purposes. At present, we are offering 80-pin BIGPIC5 MCU Cards with different microcontrollers soldered on them. These cards are compatible with our BIGPIC5 development system.

80-pin BIGPIC5 MCU Cards provide easy connection to the development system through four 2x10 male connectors. The bottom layer of these cards is provided with a ground plane for noise prevention.

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We deliver our products to all countries in the world using following shipping options:

DHL Express Delivery

DHL Express: $25.00 USD for up to 5 Kg, usually arrives in 2-4 business days.

Post Office Delivery

Post Office $25.00 USD for up to 5 Kg, usually arrives in 7-12 business days.

Note: Please contact local office of the chosen courier about delivery service and possible additional charges.

CUSTOMIZATION: We can modify our products to suit your requirements, click here for details.


MCU card with PIC18F8520 Microcontroller

$9.00 USD

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MCU card with PIC18F8722 Microcontroller

$9.00 USD

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