Telit: EasyGSM/GPRS GM862-GPS

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Note: Telit GM862-GPS GSM/GPRS Module and SIM card are not included in the price!



EasyGSM/GPRS GM862-GPS is a development and protoype board for Telit GM862-GPS GSM/GPRS module.

Supported GSM/GPRS Modules

Telit GM862-GPS, GM862-QUAD-PY and GM862-QUAD GSM/GPRS modules are supported.

SIM Card Holder

SIM Card Holder is available on the board. Module pins are connected to 2.54mm extension pins.


The GM862 family includes GM862-GPS, GM862-QUAD-PY and GM862-QUAD modules and combines the access to digital communication services in GSM 850, 900, DCS 1800 and PCS1900 MHz networks with an integrated GPS receiver (GM862-GPS only). The Telit GM862-GPS module includes a 20-channel GPS receiver. It has some features of the GM862-QUAD version such as Voice, Circuit Switched Data transfer, Phonebook, SMS, four bands GSM capability, hot removal sensing on-board SIM Reader, GPRS Class 10 and battery charger circuitry.

Moreover, the GM862-GPS and GM862-QUAD-PY modules integrate the "EASY SCRIPT" functionality. This is a PYTHON engine script interpreter allowing self-controlled operations. With the EASY SCRIPT feature, GM862-GPS and GM862-QUAD-PY become finite products that just need your script to be run.


Examples provided with this board will show you how to connect the GM862-GPS module to an MCU easily. Each example contains a detailed description of the relevant program including comments. All these examples can be downloaded from this page as well.

  • Examples for PIC microcontrollers.
  • Examples for dsPIC microcontrollers.
  • Examples for AVR microcontrollers.
  • Examples for 8051 microcontrollers.

Module Documentation

Package Details

The board is packed in the protective box. This box is very resistant to all kinds of damages and shocks. The package contains:

  • EasyGSM/GPRS GM862-GPS board.
  • 2 x MMCX-SMA cable.
  • Active GPS antenna.
  • Quad-band GSM Antenna SMA straight male (Cable length: 2m). - Secure Online Payments

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Telit: EasyGSM/GPRS GM862-GPS

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Telit GM862-GPS QUAD module

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GSM antenna SMA right angle BGSM

$6.90 USD

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GSM Antenna SMA straight male (Cable length: 2m)

$11.00 USD

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