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Camera click reviewed on camera
Posted by on 01 December 2015 06:58 PM
Here's a closer look at Camera click, arguably one of the more interesting click boards. How did we actually make a camera run on what seems to be limited resources (for video at least). How's the picture quality? How sharp is the focus? John B lays it all down for you in this concise review. The OV7670 CMOS image sensor doesn't exactly give 4k video, but the resolution is quite enough for specific applications, for example, security and monitoring. Especially when you consider the overall energy cost of such a system. Camera click also utilises an FT900 chip – which is the 32-bit MCU with a proprietary core from FTDI Chip. Incidentally, we provide a full development solution for FT90x. It's an architecture with outstanding specs, worth checking out. The compiler even comes with a 45-day time trial license, so you can experience it with no limitations for a month and a half. Currently it's the only compiler such a trial that we offer. Yours sincerely,MikroElektronika
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Creator Ci40 kit likely to blow past its funding goal
Posted by on 30 November 2015 11:34 AM
  The publicity definitely helped. The biggest news outlet to run a story on the campaign was TechCrunch - which makes for a second appearance of click boards there (the first was for the FlowPaw campaign). Aside from clicks, the story features quotes from Imagination's Senior Technology Marketing Specialist Alexandru Voica, explaining what's distinguishes this kit compared to other IoT solutions. Among other things, Voica points out the integration with Brillo: “Creator is one of the few dev boards selected by Google to be part of its Brillo golden reference program — these boards will be the equivalent of Nexus phones when it comes to Brillo, receiving regular updates and patches ahead of others.” Other than Brillo, the Ci40 Creator supports the most popular versions of Linux, which brought it to attention of blogs in that space. A article spotted click boards appearing in more and more places, commenting that "the click adoption both follows -- and leads -- a trend among hacker projects opting for ready-made expansion systems for IoT sensors. SolidRun uses click in its HummingBoard SBCs and new ClearFog networking SBC." The Ci40 Creator was also featured on EETimes, Tom's Hadware, Linux Gizmos, CNXSoft and many more. A common thread in several of those stories is the question of why would a well-established company like Imagination go to Kickstarter to fund a project. Imagination's answer is that crowd-funding allows them to gather feedback from the community early on. So if you want to have your voice heard, and possibly influence the future direction of Creator – we encourage you to leave your feedback on the Kickstarter page. There's an active discussion going on there. You can also show your support by making a pledge. There's still 65 slots left to get the complete kit at a reduced price. Yours sincerely,MikroElektronika
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Cyber Monday kicks off – still 15% OFF
Posted by on 29 November 2015 10:35 AM
  We didn't go through the trouble of redesigning the entire home page just to bring it back after two days – so, the simplest thing to do was to rewind the countdown and start all over again. The Cyber Monday leg of our offer starts now, and lasts until Tuesday at 12h noon (CET). Fulfil your appetite for sweet deals with a second helping, or use the second chance in case you procrastinated the first time. Be mindful, the clock seems to tick faster when you're not looking – Tuesday noon will come by faster than you think. Use the opportunity now. Yours sincerely,MikroElektronika
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XBee click released
Posted by on 27 November 2015 02:44 PM
  Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, peer-to-peer, mesh — with the ZigBee protocol you can weave a wireless network any way it suits you. XBee click is a perfect node to start with. The board carries the XB24CZ7PIS-004 module that operates on the 2.4-2.5 GHz frequency band, has a range of up to 60 meters indoors (with 1.3 km line-of-sight range), and can transfer data through the air at 250kbps. To clarify, XBee is the name for ZigBee modules produced by Digi International. They are compatible with other ZigBee devices, it’s just that they come with some added benefits. For example, XBee click can use both UART and SPI to communicate with the target MCU. You can also issue simple commands from the field – thanks to a combination of a so called Comission button and Associate LED. The button allows you to send simple commands to configure how the node relates to the network (the single button interprets various inputs based on how many times in a row you push it, you can find the details in the data sheet). And then of course, by putting it on a click board we just added another layer of convenience. Not to mention that we, as always, supplied the library and Libstock example to make it even more convenient. Now you can prototype a wireless sensor system in no time. Start with a node, end up with a vast network. See the details on the product page, and don’t forget, the 15% Black Friday discount applies. Yours sincerely,MikroElektronika
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  Grease up the wheels of your virtual shopping carts and prepare for the hottest MikroE Black Friday ever. The only way it could've gotten better is if it lasted forever — but the timer on the top of the page is ticking down steadily — the Black Friday offer lasts until Sunday 12h noon CET. Start clicking while it's still ticking. It's like we inverted a pouch bag full of jewels and emptied it out to lay everything on the table. Shiny new hardware and polished software tools. All 15% OFF. There's a lot to look at. click boards, compilers, development boards for seven architectures. The products on the front page are just our pick. The 15% discount applies to everything (processed at checkout). Enjoy your Black Friday shopping experience! Yours sincerely,MikroElektronika
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