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Add-On Boards

We have an arsenal of accessory boards for almost everything you need. If you have a development system, we provide the easiest way to expand it’s functionality in many segments. Add wireless communication, real-time clocks, storage interface, displays, measurement sensors, audio signalization, and much more with our accessory boards. We offer Proto boards, IDC10 header compatible boards and Click Boards™ built for mikroBUS™ pinout standard.

Click Boards

Click Boards (180)

Just push your Click board into the innovative new mikroBUS™ standard socket and use it with zero hardware configuration! These boards will revolutionize the way you add new functionality to your development boards.

mikromedia shields

mikromedia shields (5)

Set of extension boards pin-compatible with your mikromedias, which enable you to easily expand your board’s basic functionality. Add power supply, connectivity, gaming and other shields to your mikromedia.

Communication Boards

Communication Boards (60)

Communication is one of the most important aspects of modern devices. We offer over 30 boards that will help you to add Ethernet, WiFi, ZigBee, CAN, RS485, RS232, LIN and other communication to your prototypes.

Storage Boards

Storage Boards (16)

Storage boards support various memory standards such as MMC/SD, Compact Flash, EEPROM, etc. Whether you need to store just configuration data, or a large amount of information, these boards are the best choice for you.

Time Measuring Boards

Time Measuring Boards (9)

Add reliable timer, alarm and real-time clock functionality to your application. Let these boards take care of it, so you can exploit your microcontroller’s precious clock cycles on something more important.

Display Boards

Display Boards (38)

We cannot imagine modern devices with at least some kind of display on it. It is a way for us to understand what devices are doing. Display boards provide easy-to-use interfaces for LCD, GLCD and TFT displays of various sizes.

Measurement Boards

Measurement Boards (72)

Data acquisition is a critical task for various embedded applications where monitoring and control is needed. Measurement boards are ideal solutions for converting data from analog to digital world and versa-visa.

Various Boards

Various Boards (83)

Easy and fast prototype development is the main feature of these boards. RFid readers, relays, motion sensors, stepper motor drivers, and lot of other boards are a part of this category. You will find at least one that you need.

Audio & Voice Boards

Audio & Voice Boards (11)

Modern electronic devices feature various audio capabilities. They allow them to play music, sounds and interact with users. Our featured Audio & Voice Boards enable you to easily add audio features to your prototype device.

Power Supply Boards

Power Supply Boards (11)

Stable and constant power supply is one of the main factors for reliable operation of all devices. We are offering several power supply control boards, such as regulators, translators, etc., that can be used for various electronic applications.

GSM / GPRS Boards

GSM / GPRS Boards (10)

GSM and GPRS became a popular standard for data transfer, embedded system control and monitoring. We offer a set of add-on boards for development of GSM/GPRS devices with various modules from popular vendors.

GPS Boards

GPS Boards (8)

Global Positioning System, or GPS is essential standard used for navigation, asset tracking, Geo-tagging and location-aware data logging. We offer a set of GPS add-on boards with modules from leading vendors.

click shields

click shields (192)

click shields are adapters that bring click board connectivity to today's most popular development platforms like the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and others. They usually carry one or two mikroBUS™ sockets, sometimes they have some additional connection pins, but they are always made to conform to the form factor of their target board